Coffee spoon from pine wood


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Coffee spoon from pine wood,?with olive oil finish, handcrafted with traditional tools.

This spoon is a gift from nature and its shape and details show the passion and skill of the craftsman. Take it and use for lunch, for decorating or offer as gift.

Product use and maintenance:
For cleaning, wipe using a cloth dipped in hot water. Beware that prolonged exposure to water, as well as dishwashing might affect the quality of the product over time. For drying, leave the product in a well ventilate area, away from direct sun or source of heat. Store in a dry ventilated area.
Wood is a material that develops continuously. We recommend that you apply a new layer of finish occasionally, every few months. For this process use a piece of cloth to apply a layer of food safe oil (tung, linseed, olive) and leave in a ventilated place. If in time the product begins to fluff, use a high grit sandpaper (1000 to 2000) to polish the product.

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pine wood


length 18 cm


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