About us

Manole Store is a online retailer that promotes responsible consumption and offers a sustainable alternative to the products supplied by the large retail stores, which are usually made in suspicious social and environmental conditions.

Manole Store seeks to preserve and promote craftsmanship and traditional handmade production techniques, which are reaching extinction in today’s industrialized society. We also wish to have a positive social impact and, therefore, we prioritise working with artisans and craftsmen coming from disadvantaged communities. 

We support responsible consumers who wish to have a positive impact and enjoy high quality products made by skilful hands with little or no impact on the environment. Thus, we facilitate their access to a wide range of products for everyday use, that are made by Romanian artisans and craftsmen, in small production workshops, made either entirely handmade or with the use of technological tools. 

In order to achieve our goal to promote responsible consumption, we believe it is highly important that the manufacturing process and the materials used to make out products have little to zero negative impact on the environment across the entire value chain. 

Our products respect the following principles:

  • They are made from materials that are either:
    • Recycled
    • Obtained from nature
    • Acquired from certified sources regarding the social and environmental impact
  • They avoid the industrial extractive and raw materials distribution chains.
  • Prefabricated materials are only used as auxiliary components, such as resins, staples, stitching thread.
  • They are made as unique or small series production.

We believe in…

1. Sustainable development

We believe that the greatest problems of today’s society, such as poverty, environmental degradation and social conflicts, can not only be solved, but easily eliminated in the near future. However, this entails that each of us is aware of the impact that our actions and decisions have and demonstrate responsibility and proactivity. Sustainable development cannot be achieved solely through policy making and international programs, but it requires a behavioral and mental shift.

2. Collective impact

Whenever we think about sever negative impacts, such as environmental pollution or human exploitation, we usually have in mind the image of the large corporations, who defy any ethical or legal principle in order to increase profit. Even though we disagree with such practices, we feel powerless in the front of such giants and hope for high authorities to intervene and mitigate the situation. However, we forget that corporations work by the principle of demand and offer. The demand for a large quantity of products at low prices, determines the offerers to seek for the cheapest production means, which most often done at the cost of poor labour and environment management. The demand is controlled by the end-users, meaning regular people, as they are the ones buying the final product. We can change the way large corporations operate, by changing the demand. All we need to do is stop buying the products made by companies that engage in practices that we disagree with. Even though the individual impact of each person may seem insignificant, collectively, it can decide the fate of these companies.

3. Individual Responsibility

Each of us is responsible of the impact of our actions and we must participate in building a better society, in line with how we envision that better society. Real change happens slowly, with tiny steps and through the small actions of each individual. We should not hope for revolutions to bring change, but we need to change ourselves and start behaving in the way that we consider most appropriate in our version of an ideal society. Our actions don’t need to have an immediate impact or cause major change, but it is sufficient that each of us stops perpetuating the practices that we disagree with and which have a negative impact.

4. Responsible Consumption

We disapprove of over-consumption and we do no like waste. We support the idea that people should consume enough to satisfy their needs without abusing the apparently endless access to resources and products. We do not believe in fashion and changing trends. We believe, however, that an object is meant to be useful and, thus, usefulness should be its most valuable feature. It is everyone’s duty to choose the products that best meet their needs. Moreover, every consumer has the duty to be informed about the way in which the purchased goods are produced and must be aware that every purchase is a validation of the way in which that good was produced.

5. Fair Trade

We dislike the exploitation of vulnerable people and cheap labor, and we dislike the dehumanization of man for profit. We believe that every man has to be paid fairly for his/her work, and every man is obliged to pay an appropriate price for the purchased good.

6. Environmental protection

We love nature and we believe that man must live in harmony with the surrounding environment. We must realize that beyond the walls of the house we live in, nature is our home and we must take care of it as we care for our own home. Human activity has the potential to cause major environmental changes, which eventually can turn against us. We must respect the beauty of nature and not interfere with the balance of surrounding ecosystems.

7. Microproduction

We believe that mass production is superficial, produces inferior quality goods and is carried out under aggressive conditions for the environment, for the neighboring communities and especially for employees. We therefore support small-scale production by individual craftsmen or micro-enterprises, by skilled and dedicated people. We believe that it is the way to produce high-quality goods, made in ethical conditions.

8. Human Skill

We admire the scientific progress and value the benefits of technology. But we also believe that mankind must not lose itself and must not become completely dependent on machineries and robotic processes. We believe that humans need to develop and refine their capabilities and constantly acquire new skills. It is that, why we aim to promote and support people who have the ability to make a finished product and who are committed to the work they do.

Our practices


We try to use packages that are as simple as possible, from recyclable materials, and when the product is not affected, we try not to use it at all.


We try to find ecological options for delivering products to customers. For orders from Timisoara, the delivery is made on two wheels.


We treat our staff with respect and dignity and try to meet the needs of our employees. We want to create a relaxed and comfortable work environment.